Style Diaries// Summer Style Essentials


With the hot days and long nights upon us, I’ve been looking into revamping my style for the summer.  My look is usually preppy, girly and classic but this year I want to go for something bolder and more fun. I’ve been inspired by spring and summer lookbooks by some of my favourite YouTubers including Missy Lynn, The Glam Twinz, Miss Glamorazzi and Meghan Rienks. What caught my attention is not only the pieces they used but also how they styled it to get a chic,cohesive outfit. I haven’t done any major shopping yet and I probably won’t until I’m back home but these are some the closet essentials that I’ll be looking for and rocking throughout summer 2014.

1. Crop Tops


Whenever my summer body decides to come in, I will definitely be living in theses. They are so cute and light which make them a top pick for the heat. My favourites are the flowy ones with graphic prints and spaghetti straps. I would pair these with maxi skirts for days out and I would wear cropped-tees with graphic print pants for a modern, boho look.

2. Printed Shorts


I definitely need to get my hands on some floral, tribal and geometric print shorts. I would get them in a looser fit to get make the outfit more chic and less sexy, if that makes sense. To make these bottoms the focal point of my outfit, I would keep it simple on top with plain tanks,tees and shirts.



3. Coloured Sandals


Most of my shoes are in neutral colours like black, brown and silver. I think bright colours like pinks, lilac and turquoise would be a nice change of pace and an easy way to add a pop to any outfit.



4. Headbands


On my HHJ, keeping my hair up and off my clothes is my main way of retaining length. As such, my hair is usually styled in buns daily. Dressing them up with headbands helps keep my hair neat while adding a preppy, boho touch. I particularly like the ones with elastic and I go for highly embellished, sparkly ones to distract from my incoming new growth. A double headband with a messy side braid? Summer goddess perfection!


5. Bright Toes


My toes are always painted and this summer, to add to my coloured sandals, I want to stick to bright nail polish. I love how yellow and orange polish pops against dark skin but I finding the right colours for my skin tone is going to be a task.



6. Statement Earrings


Earrings are also style necessities of mine and I never leave the house without them. Pearl stoppers are my everyday earrings and I have been on the hunt for a long time for some nice statement ones, preferably sparkly to brighten up my face. But my ear lobes are larger than most people’s, so sometimes the way in which they sit on my ear, aren’t very flattering. I don’t know how else to describe it. I’ll be checking out Bang Band and Feterah Designs for some when I get back to Trini.


7. Blazers


I will be interning at a some sort of media house for the summer so professional wear is a must. During my last summer job, I loved my cardigans but this time, it’s a bit more of a serious environment so I’m upgrading to blazers. They come in a range of colours but are still well-tailored to give your suit a little something extra. I will also be rocking these on nights out for a sophisticated, classy vibe. They pair well with tanks and cropped tees and finish off with a statement necklace to pull the look together.


8. Peplum Tops


These have been back in style for a while but I have yet to get my hands on one that I like for a decent price. They are the perfect choice for semi-formal occasions when paired with some dark jeggings and heels. I love the ones with the intricate patterns engraved in the fabric, very classy.


9. Skater Skirts


I own two of these in cobalt and leopard print and I absolutely love them. They flatter my body and fit well, so I don’t have to worry about VPL (visible panty lines), bulging or it looking too tight. They come in many prints and I can wear them anywhere so I will definitely be investing in some more.



These are the pieces that I have been loving and will be rocking June through August and beyond. When I get my hands on a few of each, look out for a haul and some OOTD posts. Happy styling!





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