Hairtastic// Caramel Treatment for Relaxed Hair



This DIY treatment will not look as delicious as the picture above but I guarantee you that your hair will love every, scrumptious drop. This kitchen concoction offers promises of sleek, soft locks that will leave you with hand-in-hair syndrome, and man, does it deliver. I came across this recipe during my last stretch when my new growth and I were at World War 3. Even though I hadn’t followed it to a T, my thick, incoming curls bowed down to its greatness *cracks whip*. From what I read, many naturals use it to achieve a straight look without a relaxer and it works just as well on the new growth during stretches for my fellow relaxed ladies.

You can check out this page for the original caramel treatment recipe, but on my college student, ramen noodle budget, some things I just couldn’t afford. But that’s the beauty of this treatment; once you have the bare essentials, you can tweek it your needs. I’ve tried this three times now with slightly varying ingredients but this the one I prefer.

SuzieQ’s Caramel Treatment

  • 3 parts honey
  • 1 part natural oil with ceramides- sunflower seed oil
  • 2 parts banana baby food
  • 1 part coconut milk
  • 1 part apple cider vinegar
  • corn starch to thicken
  1. Mix all ingredients, except for the cornstarch, together in a bowl.
  2. Warm in for 15 seconds in the microwave.
  3. Add cornstarch until you have your desired thickness.
  4. Apply to dry hair for 30 mins.
  5. Rinse hair and use moisturizing shampoo.
  6. Continue wash day routine as normal.

These key ingredients all play a special roll in getting the great results. Honey hydrates and softens your hair, which is particularly good for your dry new growth. The original recipe calls for molasses which I don’t have, so I just increased the amount of honey I used. Oils packed with ceramides help restore and repair damaged hair. I use sunflower seed oil and I also add Jamaican Black castor oil for good measure. The coconut milk strengthen your hair while the ACV adds shine. The cornstarch is simply to thickening and doesn’t add or take away form the rest of the mixture.

I wanted to highlight the bananas separately and not for good reasons. They are supposed to add a bit of protein to your hair which balances this moisture rich treatment. Now. The first time I use this treatment, I had no bananas on hand, so I ended up using some plain yoghurt which worked just fine. The second time, I used 2 containers of baby banana food and the results were also great. The third time was my last wash day and if you haven’t read it as yet *spoiler alert* I mashed the bananas myself and the results were DISASTROUS (sorta). Long story short, when I rinsed, I had chunks of banana ALL over my hair. I spent almost an extra 30 mins trying to wash it out and 98% of it did but not without causing some breakage. Don’t be like me and think that you can purée the bananas with a fork and some elbow grease because it won’t work. USE BANANA BABY FOOD ONLY. It rinses right out. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

In the end, my hair did come out silky soft and restored though so it still delivered. If your hair needs protein, you can add an egg, like I did, to the mixture or even yoghurt. Just be sure that you do a moisturizing deep condition after you wash. Else you may end up with a straw-like texture to your hair. I think this happened to my hair but only a little and I solved the problem after 2 sessions of moisturizing and sealing.

So next time you’re deep into your stretch and you think you can’t wait another day to relax, give the caramel treatment a try. It’s no miracle worker but it’s packed with Mother Nature’s magic and it comes very close.






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