Hairtastic// Progress Pics + Hair Update




Anyone who knows me or has read a few posts on this blog knows that I am obsessed with growing my hair. I’ve shared my tips and my goals so it’s only fair that I share my progress with you too.

I officially started my Healthy Hair Journey October last year after a bad cut and the first picture is what it looked like about 16 weeks post relaxer (crazy! I know!). My new growth was so thick, dry and breaking that I had no choice but to leave it alone.

The second picture is about 2 days post relaxer and you can see that my crazy stretch paid off. My new growth shrinkage was real but it gave me about an inch or so. I had my relaxer done by a new stylist who was very aware of healthy hair practices and it was the best experience I’ve ever had. If you’re in Trini and looking for a new stylist who understands what it truly means to care for your hair, message me for her details.

I was probably about 4 weeks post relaxer in the third picture and you can see the sides of my hair  beginning to grow out. My hair for whatever reason grows in somewhat of a V-shape but I don’t mind. I love how healthy my ends still looked from the cut I got in October.

The last picture was taken the day of my most recent relaxer. I had stretched for about 13 week and had it done by Pete at Salon Splurt here at UWI Mona, Jamaica. My hair had a little swing and curl at the ends from the roller set. I loved how bouncy and light it came out and I appreciated that he didn’t flat iron my hair afterwards because there was no need for that extra heat. He also didn’t cut it because my ends were still healthy! My hair definitely got thicker and I gained about an inch (curls somewhat hide it). This is when my boyfriend was like, Babe, you’re hair is getting so long. I think I can safely say this is the longest that my hair has ever been and I was loving it.

I really have to give my length retention credit to protective styling (I lived in buns) and caramel treatments the last few weeks of my stretch. Moisturizing and sealing and covering my hair at night were almost no-brainers but also very important.


Unfortunately, those happy feelings about my hair escape me right now. My hair has been so problematic lately: dry, brittle ends, breaking and shedding. On my last wash day, I made sure to give it added moisture with a DC pre-poo on dry hair but that didn’t work. It’s also not helpful that I’m almost out of moisturizer and with finals this week (tomorrow actually) I’ve been busying cramming and neglecting to moisturize and seal at night. I’ve been so tired a few nights that I forgot to put on my satin bonnet.

I’m beginning to wonder if the new moisturizer I’m using (Dr Miracle’s Daily Moisturizing Lotion) is the cause of my breakage because I don’t remember having these sort of issues with my last stretch using my old moisturizer (African Pride Olive Miracle Moisturizer Lotion). I’m going to pick up a bottle before my wash day on Tuesday to see if it makes a difference.

On top of all these issues, my new growth is beginning to come in. I’m about 5 weeks post and this is the first time I’ve experienced new growth so early in my stretch. I usually don’t see any sign of it until week 7 or 8. And this little 1/4 inch of curls is already misbehaving. Although it’s soft, it’s dry, if that makes sense. I’m hoping to do a caramel treatment during my next wash day to keep it at bay and add some much need moisture.

Hope you dollz enjoyed this little update and let me know in the comments if you’re interested in posts about my wash day, caramel treatment or hair routines. My exams will be over soon so look out for more consistent blogging.




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