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As a Journalism student I’ve learned that image is everything. The way you look is always someone’s first impression of you, so why not make them do a double take? When I’m in a style rut (fashionista’s version of writer’s block) these are my go-to sources of inspiration, regardless of event, season or trend.


1. Pinterest

My name is Sue and I’m a Pin-aholic. This is my favourite social media platform and I think one of the greatest inventions of our time. It is the best way to easily store and access stylish looks that you love online. Don’t have it pinned? Search it. Like it. Pin it. Done! To follow me on Pinterest click here!

2. Blogs

These are your havens for OOTDs from real life fashionistas. They usually state where they bought their pieces or link you to similar items. My personal favourites are Hello, Gorgeous! and DulceCandy. Yasi is my top pick for stylish professional wear if you’re like me and the idea of a boring business suits crawl your blood. Her site was my holy grail when I was shopping for outfits for my internship in July-August. Dulce has everyday looks and she loves to mix and match. Bonus points for her accompanying beauty looks! For local and regional fasionistas, check out Caribbean Style Bloggers.

3. YouTube

Watching clothing hauls and LookBooks on YouTube are my guilty pleasures. You get to see how ordinary girls build their wardrobes with stylish pieces. This was a definite help for my back to school shopping. There are usually swarms of these videos when there are holidays coming up. These vids also help me keep track of what girls my age have in their closet.

4. Magazines

When it comes to my personal style, I think less of Glamour and Marie Claire and more of Cosmopolitan and Seventeen. The first pair are great if you always want to be on trend. The other two are more relatable to me and I often see looks that I can easily recreate, which is good when’re you’re on a tight budget.

5. Everyday Life

There are so many stylish girls on campus. Sometimes the things they wear to school I probably would only wear to go out. I love to see how how they wear things on my to-buy list like leopard flats or coloured jeans. Plus if I can always ask them where they bought it. Compliments are the best ice breakers!

Stay tuned for Spotted– my weekly round up of my favourite looks on campus. Don’t forget to like, comment and subscribe! 


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