College Prep // College Style 101

As a self-proclaimed fashionista and a lover of good style, how I look while going to school is a big deal for me. I truly believe that looking your best relates to feeling and doing your best. But this is university, not a runway so moderation is key. It annoys me to see girls with full faces of make-up walking  around campus with big hair and heels. Shouldn’t there be a difference in the way your look everyday and when you go out? My personal style reflects my future career as a journalist as I believe in being always ready for the camera. What you look like should stay true to you, not trends. These are my tips for keep your look interesting without overdoing it.

1. Minimal Make-up– I go to school in Jamaica where the sun has the campus like a sauna almost everyday of the week. My classes are air-conditioned but I’m often outside walking to class or back to hall. That said, a full face of make-up would simply melt off. Girls like me who need a little coverage for dark under circles or acne scars, should only focus on the problem areas. I apply concealer to my eye area and spots and set those areas with powder. I follow up with two coats of mascara and a swipe of lipstick for a simple polished look.  Add a little eyeliner if you so desire. Save the foundation, blush and contouring for a night out.

2. Spiced Up Style– T-shirts everyday of the week is not my style. They’re great for casual days and running errands. For full days on campus, I like to mix it up and keep it interesting. My daily look it similar to the picture above. I love pairing printed tank tops with cardigans and jeans.  Other days I wear sheer sweaters with leggings or jeggings. Some think it may be too much for the warm weather but it keeps me from freezing in class and from getting sunburnt when I’m outside. Sandals are my footwear of choice that finishes off my polished look.

3. Understated Accessories– Cocktail rings and hanging earrings should be reserved for weekend partying. They can be distracting in class not to mention annoying when you try to write or run when you’re late for class. I stick with timeless pearl studs or diamond studs that match with any outfit. Simple pendant necklaces are also very easy for everyday style. Don’t over do your jewellery, you should be the centre of attention.

For style ideas and outfit inspiration, check out my Pinterest page!  


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